XenTegra Success Stories

Xentegra is a great company to work with. They are always available and very knowledgable of their products.

Jim Emerick, First Citizens Bank & Trust

I would without reservation choose XenTegra as our integrator for another Citrix project. We are continuing our relationship with +/- two days per month of operational support from XenTegra engineers.

Owen Squires, City of Albemarle

I think that the most significant and poignant aspect of selecting a good partner would be the strategic value that it adds to our enterprise. We have had a few partners over the years, so we have seen those that consistently blast us with products that they sell, with a "Buy this. Buy that. Buy everything from us!!" attitude, without actually caring a whit about whether or not we needed that product. We've also seen those that just show up when we renew our license SA each year, so that they can get their "cut" off of the purchase, then we don't see them again for another 11 months. I had this one partner who didn't even know that we had let him go 2 years earlier!!

Working with XenTegra, it's no mystery that y'all take interest in how we can be better. Not because you can sell me some software that does a particular job, but perhaps we could change a process in how we are deploying the product. Or, while Citrix is offering a 2 for 1 deal on licensing, because we are a 24/7 shop, named user licenses would not be the best purchase for us, so XenTegra helps us in upgrading our current XenApp licenses in 500 license batches to XenDesktop CCU, so that it is more affordable. The result? We have fully converted all of our licenses to excel in the process of meeting the technology needs of our customer.

XenTegra also employs top notch engineers, so if I need some-thing done that I just don't have time for, due to other major projects, then I can ask them with confidence to help with a particular product upgrade. For instance, we just had our PVS system upgraded to 7.6, with full redundancy and resiliency across datacenters, in order to meet the need of upgrading our EPIC infrastructure. Our Citrix shop is pretty much just me, so I need someone that I can count on to give me a quality result.

That's it in a nutshell. I suppose that I could talk about XenTegra's continued support of the Citrix community with making Synergy possible, Lunch n' Learn visits, bootcamps, expositions and displays of truly cool feature sets of Citrix, but I won't. :-)

For me, our partnership is invaluable. Without a doubt, it adds value to our organization.

Jim Dirkes Sr. Systems Engineer, CCA

XenTegra support is integral to the functioning of our Citrix Environment. We are very pleased with their work and our relationship.

Liz Petko, SteelFab, Inc.

XenTegra is passionate about end user computing. They offer customers more than just technical implementations. They add value to their customers with technical training on a wide array of technologies such as Powershell and App-V They also focus heavily on community and putting customers together to discuss their endeavors.

Adam Wingler, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

XenTegra is a pleasure to work with and is always looking out for GHS.

Greg Johnson, Greenville Hospital System

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