XenTegra Solutions

XenTegra is your Solutions Advisor! We will customize a design solution that will meet your needs in an economical, succinct, professional and expedient manner while transferring a wealth of knowledge to you in the process. Your success is our success!

We will enable you, in multiple ways, to launch and complete successful projects.

citrix showcase

XenTegra invites you to follow this link to view the latest news about current and upcoming Citrix technologies and how they can assist you and your company.

preferred business support

This support offering is the perfect solution for your Citrix, RES and AppSense product support needs. Your days of waiting in queue with limited visibility into your product issues are over.

XenTegra will design a project based on your needs, inclusive of the SOW (statement of work), Phases, Analysis and Reporting. These projects will be specific in nature, and will include a budgeted amount of time and resources required to reach completion.

block of hours

XenTegra, will carve out a Block of Hours customized to your needs for IT expert assistance. Blocks of Hours are designed to meet your needs on specific projects or in your day-to-day operations.

scheduled engagement

XenTegra will schedule engagements based on your daily, weekly, monthly or customized time-frame needs. These engagements will be designed to meet your needs and to see projects through to completion.

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