Citrix Blogs

  1. The remote working frontier
    Published on: 2020-07-02 By: Ashton Smith
  2. Citrix extends microapps platform with new integration features
    Published on: 2020-07-02 By: Danijela Nandi
  3. Saving livelihoods: Keeping things normal in anything-but-normal times
    Published on: 2020-07-02 By: Kathy Holoman
  4. Eyes on the track
    Published on: 2020-07-01 By: Kelli Bartlett
  5. Two-time low-cost leader: Citrix on Azure for WVD workloads beats VMware
    Published on: 2020-07-01 By: Citrix Workspace Team
  6. Citrix ADC native SMS-OTP integration for 2FA requirements
    Published on: 2020-07-01 By: Sasidhar Vellamcheti
  7. Microsoft Teams is now available in Citrix Workspace app for Linux!
    Published on: 2020-06-30 By: Sri Divya Kocherlakota
  8. What’s new with Citrix Workspace – June 2020
    Published on: 2020-06-30 By: Citrix Workspace Team
  9. Cloud Guidepost: Tales from the business continuity trenches – Government
    Published on: 2020-06-30 By: Cloud Success
  10. AnalyticsとAccess Controlによるゼロトラスト・セキュリティで安全なリモートワークを
    Published on: 2020-06-29 By: Toshihiro Kokubun
  11. Upwork and Citrix team to power the future flexible workforce
    Published on: 2020-06-29 By: Steve Blacklock
  12. Business continuity and Citrix ADC: Maintain visibility and control
    Published on: 2020-06-29 By: Jason Poole
  13. Deploying configuration profiles has never been easier with CEM
    Published on: 2020-06-25 By: Johnathan Campos
  14. Back to office won’t mean back to normal
    Published on: 2020-06-25 By: Tim Minahan
  15. Top 10 reasons to move to Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 LTSR
    Published on: 2020-06-25 By: Monica Griesemer
  16. Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 LTSR is here!
    Published on: 2020-06-25 By: Monica Griesemer
  17. HPE Pointnext and Citrix: Powering remote work and return to work
    Published on: 2020-06-25 By: Monica Desai
  18. Rewrite HTTP requests and responses for Kubernetes apps with Citrix ADC
    Published on: 2020-06-24 By: Apoorva Kamath
  19. Using Citrix Gateway to activate KMS on client devices
    Published on: 2020-06-23 By: Andrew Wang
  20. Community microapp integrations: Build the future of work together
    Published on: 2020-06-23 By: Christo Smallwood