Countdown to Citrix Synergy 2020









Why Renew with XenTegra?

The Fact:

When a customer renews or trades-up with another partner, the partner takes the profit and keeps it! Citrix [and other partners] want partners to allocate a portion of those renewal dollars and invest in their customers.  

Why XenTegra:

XenTegra understands getting to industry events can be tough due to budgets. We want to make it easier and help you get to a few key events in 2020. XenTegra is unique in that we invest heavily in our customer base. We want you to attend Citrix Synergy and will help get you there!

Discounted Passes for Everyone:

XenTegra can save you $200 off a conference pass for any of the noted events. 
Limited to conference pass (does not include flight and/or hotel expenses)

Want a more significant discount on Citrix Synergy?

Save More than $200 - Renew with XenTegra:

Do you have a Citrix renewal coming up between now and May 2020? Why not renew via XenTegra and get a rebate to put towards:

  1. Conference Attendance: XenTegra can save you a minimum of $200 or up to the full cost of a conference pass, and depending on the renewal amount, some or all of your travel expenses. Note: Limited to conference pass, flight and hotel expenses.
  2. Layer 8 Training: Do not want to head to Synergy, no problem! You can use your discount toward training vouchers with our training partner, Layer 8.
  3. Executive Briefing: Would instead check out the Citrix headquarters? Use your discount to attend an executive briefing at the Citrix Fort Lauderdale or Santa Clara offices. You can use the discount to cover your flight and hotel costs.
  4. Full Assessment: Put the discount to work and leverage one of our complete Citrix environment assessments. This assessment includes a design document with architectural recommendations.

How to Renew

1Step 1: Make Solutions Advisor
Make XenTegra a Citrix Solution Advisor.
2Step 2: Fill out form
Fill out and submit form on page.
3Step 3: Work with Client Executive
A XenTegra Client Executive will reach out to facilitate renewal.