IGEL UD Pocket: Secure the Rogue Workforce with Ease
November 13, 2017
deviceTRUST: Context Awareness is Security’s Last Mile
December 8, 2017

Don’t Toss Those Old Devices, Transform Them

I recently blogged about how to “Secure the Rogue Workforce with Ease” with the IGEL UD Pocket. Now, let’s focus on how to deal with outdated devices, incompatible operating systems and uncooperative existing thin clients. Before you consider tossing or donating your old assets, transform them. No, I do not mean “Office Space” style, but rather transform them with the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 3 (UDC3).

UDC3 converts any x86 machine, regardless of manufacturer. Instantly convert x86 based PCs, laptops, tablets or third party Thin Clients into a universally deployable Linux-based Thin Client. Then manage these devices with IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) for remote support, zero-touch deployment, and easy central management.

Instead of a bunch of words describing what the UDC3 can do, why not show you how it works!

Want to see for yourself? Why not take part in our hands-on workshops where you can bring an old device to convert, and we will bring it under management.

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Our focus on Citrix and our commitment to education in the community set us apart.  You can check out a full list of our education events as well as our annual Citrix Synergy promotion at our XenTegra Events Registration page.  Our goal when promoting these events is to enable organizations.


Pete Downing
Pete Downing
As the Chief Marketing and Technology Officer (CMTO), Pete take both skills and runs all of XenTegra's marketing, events, and partner relationships. He joined XenTegra with over 20 years of software and IT experience from leading high technology organizations. Pete is extremely technical but can enable everyone to understand any technology. Before XenTegra, Pete was Director of Product Management for RES ONE Workspace/Security and directly responsible for defining the product direction, ensuring a successful code rewrite, the roadmap and ultimately played a role in RES’s recent exit and acquisition by Ivanti. Before RES, Pete held various product management roles at Citrix, BMC Software, and Imprivata. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and an MBA from Babson College where he focused on marketing, strategy and mergers and acquisitions.

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