As recognized experts indigital workspace environments, XenTegra training programs will help you maximize the value of your Citrix environment. With a range of programs designed to suit your schedule, XenTegra will share real-world experiences and best practices to help you take your desktop environment to the next level. Available as full-day, hands-on workshops, half-day vendor workshops or one-hour webinar programs, XenTegra training will help you achieve better time-to-value and return-on-investment for your end-usercomputing environment.

XenTegra Has You Covered

So, whether you need to build out customized workspace implementations to support your business needs, or you require consulting support for a specific optimization project, XenTegra has you covered. Our experts can optimize your environment – using field-proven methods and technologies – to improve your desktop delivery, customize your application access or power productivity through faster performance.

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