Nothing is more frustrating to your users than a digital workspace that has slow logintimes, poor application performance or is complicatedto use. Ensure that your end-usercomputing solutions are optimized to support worker productivity while minimizing management time and security vulnerabilities by taking advantage of XenTegra’s micro-assessments. These environment-specific health checks will ensure that you’re using industry best practices and vendor-specific efficiencies so that your user workspaces are running at their peak.

  • Citrix Environment Micro Assessment – Rely on the Citrix experts at XenTegra to evaluate and optimize your Citrix environment. Our Citrix micro-assessment applies industry best practices and field-proven strategies to recommend Citrix optimizations for optimal performance and manageability.
  • NetScaler Implementations Micro Assessment – Is your NetScaler providing the application uptime and flawless performance you require? Look to the XenTegra NetScaler micro-assessment to pinpoint the areas where optimization improvements may be needed.
  • Networking Micro Assessment – Today’s users rely heavily on your network. Employ the XenTegra team’s networking micro-assessment to identify where those performance improvements can be made for happier, more productive end users. We focus on Cisco, SD-WAN, and other technologies.
  • Ivanti (AppSense and RES) Micro Assessment – See how you can reduce your digital workspace’s total cost of ownership while improving user experience, streamlining identity management and lowering security risk with the XenTegra Ivanti micro-assessment.
  • IGEL Micro Assessment – Thin clients are more than a device. Are you using Windows to access digital workspace environments exclusively? Explore how you can employ IGEL endpoint management and software-enabled thin client technology for end-user computing that’s simple, smart and secure by using the XenTegra IGEL micro-assessment.
  • Office 356 Micro-Assessment – Thinking about moving to Office 365 or have you moved to hosted Microsoft Exchanged and your user complains of long login times. Let XenTegra help you understand the investment needed to fully gain the benefits of Office 365 while impoving your end-users day-to-day within their digital workspace.

XenTegra Connect Has You Covered

So, whether you need to build out customized workspace implementations to support your business needs, or you require consulting support for a specific optimization project, XenTegra has you covered. Our experts can optimize your environment – using field-proven methods and technologies – to improve your desktop delivery, customize your application access or power productivity through faster performance.

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