XenTegra partners with leading vendors in the end-user management (EUC), user workspace management (UWM) and digital transformation market to architect the solutions that encompass endpoint management,security, andoptimizeduser experience to deliver secure access to applications, desktops, anddata from any device. Drawing from years of field-proven expertise, our technical team enablesend-usercomputing transformations through a comprehensive suite of design, implementation, support and managed service offerings optimized to meet specific customer requirements. As a partner in our customer’s success, XenTegra powers the efficient digital workspaces that securely drive people-centric business productivity and access.


XenTegra fully documents its assessment, design and implementation recommendations for effective change management and compliance.


XenTegra performs a comprehensive handover of solution management knowledge, so your internal team is ready to support your new workspace solution with ease.

Our Partners